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The project.

Te Wero is working to cocreate a digital health tool (eg, website, app, ticktok channel etc) for youth, by youth.  

We think it would be really cool to have health and hauora (wellbeing) info, guides, videos and service information all in one place, and just a click away.


Finding your way around health situations and health services can be really hard. We want to make sure you feel confident to access the info and guidance you need without shame, judgement or obstacles. We want this to be a safe space, one that you can trust and rely on for everything you need to be happy, healthy and to be who you want to be as you travel through your youth and into adulthood. 

There's a huge amount of great online websites and information already ‒ we want to help point you in the direction of these through a one-stop digital platform so that when you do need some help, you know where to go. 

The digital tool will help you and your whānau flourish now and in the future. ​

We know you guys like digital – we want to meet you where you are and help you to lead us, not the other way around. Are you keen to get started?!

How are we going to do this? 

  1. We're doing a sector and environmental scan to ensure this work builds on the incredible mahi being done across sectors to understand the gaps and needs, behaviours and aspirations of young people, their friends and whānau.

  2. We're releasing a survey to rangatahi aged 13–25 years old to find out more about you and your needs.

  3. We’re looking for rangatahi who want to join us as advisors to design and develop the platform.

  4. We’re looking for rangatahi organisations that want to work with us (mainly by offering their rangatahi reps) to design and develop the platform.

  5. Once we have all the input and information we need, we'll launch the platform and promote it to youth!  


Where are we up to? 

We’re releasing the survey in May and currently speaking with a number of youth organisations to partner with us.

Why a digital platform?


We all know that digital technologies are an important part of your everyday lives for entertainment, socialising, learning and information seeking. While there are hundreds of youth-focused organisations, programmes, drop-in centres and services, there is no one place to find that abundance of resources.

It's our hope that one “tool” or “platform” will let you find the right info and at the moment you need it. A digital tool has the potential to: improve access and remove fear, embarrassment and judgement, and enable self-determination.

Self-determination =  the process by which a person controls their own life.

Check out our survey here!

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