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The survey.

You’re likely to be here because you've received a link to our online survey ‒ so what is it all about? 

We've developed a survey to find out:

  • a bit about who you are

  • how you use health services

  • what challenges (if any) you face when trying to find or access health information or health services

  • if a one-stop digital (eg, app, website) health platform existed, if you'd use it and what topics you'd like to see on it

  • if you're interested in helping us to bring this digital health tool together. See more information here.

The survey is for Kiwi youth aged 13‒25 years.

It will take about 5 minutes and asks you 31 questions.

Initial results can be found here.


Why should I complete the survey? 

Three reasons:

  1. There's some awesome prizes up for grabs. The prizes will be drawn in the second week of June.

  2. If we're going to build a new digital tool that works for YOU, we need you to tell us what you need and what you want.

  3. If you want to join us to design and build this tool ‒ you can tell us within the survey.

What happens to my info?

Information will be stored securely and held in a locked down database. Only two people from the project team will have access to the data.

None of the info we use to help us design the digital tool will ever identify any person who has taken part in the survey.

If you have given us your name and contact details through the survey to enter the prize draw, or to tell us you’re interested to work with us, these details are removed from your survey answers and stored separately so none of your survey answers will be seen with your name attached to them. 

You can stop and cancel out of the survey at any time. 

What happens if I feel a bit down or upset by some of the survey questions? 


We encourage you to reach out for support or info at the following places:

  • Youthline (free call 0800 376 633, free text 234 or webchat on

  • 1737 Need to Talk (free call or text 1737)

  • Healthline (free on 0800 611 116 for advice and information from a  registered nurse)

  • Go to to help with depression or anxiety.

I've got questions about the survey, who can I contact? 


Get in touch with


Check out our survey here!

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