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The end goal.

We aspire to enable tino rangatiratanga for our rangatahi!

Being self-determined means a person is aware of their personal wellbeing and how the choices they make directly influence life outcomes. 

We feel strongly that: 

  • Hauora underpins the quality of your life journey.

  • Your engagement with the health system is often patchy and difficult.

  • Resources for youth should be developed that are authentically and consistently co-created to achieve sustainable equity.

  • You should feel confident in your ability to access appropriate hauora and health information, guidance, resources and support, without shame, judgement or other obstacles.

  • Education and investment in youth leads to transformational change for you and your whānau now and into the future. This protects your future tupuna against the development of acute and long-term conditions.

  • We should meet your needs where you work and play, in a way that works for you so that you want to engage and learn.

  • Your leadership and expertise will make sure you feel comfortable and engaged and can experience a sense of ownership. 

  • Information, support and resources relevant to you should be easily accessible wherever you are and whenever you need them.

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