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Te Wero.

A digital tool to build rangatahi self-determination with hauora and health

Rangatahi – you are the voice of today and you will lead us into the future.

We're seeking rangatahi to become advisors to lead us in the design and development of a digital platform that signposts health and hauora support and resources. Our goal is to co-create a safe space for you to experience tino rangatiratanga (self-determination).

As you know, there’s heaps of resources and services in Aotearoa that support youth, but where do you start to look for what you need? We envisage building a digital platform that brings all this information together to help you easily find, use and share it. 

We’re starting by running a youth survey (see below) and recruiting passionate rangatahi who are interested in: design, digital, media, leadership, project management, health and hauora, education, marketing and communications, social services, community engagement and equity. We have paid advisor positions available that will provide experience in the health space that can be added to your CVs.​

We’re also looking to collaborate with organisations that work with and for youth so the digital solution will be informed, accessible and inspiring.  A first step will be to encourage organisations to offer rangatahi representatives to work with us.

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Our survey.

We all have a story to share – and we want yours! If you’re 13‒25 years old and living in Aotearoa, please fill in our survey. Your story will give us valuable insights into your interests, needs and challenges so we don’t waste time building something you don’t want. You can also register your interest in being an advisor at the end of the survey.

Plus, you can win prizes!

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Check out our survey here!

Te Wero & Hei-Tiki.

Te Wero ‒ The Challenge.

Our challenge is to improve the youth health and hauora of rangatahi through co-creation and collaboration within the youth health sector in New Zealand and through the eyes of rangatahi.

A safe space will be designed to allow all rangatahi to experience tino rangatiratanga (self-determination) and share their leadership skills.  

To achieve this, we need support from you as young individuals and as representatives of youth health organisations around the motu.


We chose hei-tiki (the main image on this website) to represent the developing concept of Te Wero. ​

Hei-tiki represents fertility, good luck and protection, but it’s also thought to provide clarity of thought, great inner knowledge and strength of character.

​All who wish to support and participate in Te Wero are invited to make contact with us.

As rangatahi, you will take ownership of this mahi, and have the opportunity to design and develop your own symbolism and branding of any resulting resources.

By rangatahi, for rangatahi.

Tamaki Makaurau,

Aotearoa, NZ 

Thanks for reaching out – 

we will be in touch!

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